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Mujerista Preaching

September 2022

“Preaching in the Perspective of Mujerista Theological Family” in Preaching the Manifold Grace of God: Theologies of  reaching in the Early Twenty-First Century. Volume 2, Ronald J. Allen, editor. 174-189. Eugene, OR: Wipf and STOCK Publishers, 2022.


Book Cover of Preaching the Manifold
Book Cover of Unmasking White Preaching

Unmasking White Preaching: Racial Hegemony, Resistance, and Possibilities in Preaching

April 2022

Edited by Lis Valle-Ruiz and Andrew Wymer. Landham, MD: Lexington Books, 2022.

Check out my chapter, “Non-Preaching?: Unmasking [White] Preaching Through Negation”

Preaching like your ancesters

September 2020

Valle-Ruiz, Lis. “Performing Cultural Memory Through Preaching.” Liturgy: Journal of the Liturgical Conference, 35:3, 3-9.

Book Cover of Preaching in and the Borderlands

Trauma-informed Preaching


“Toward a Border-Crossing Homiletic: Building Blocks for Trauma-Informed Preaching Practices.” In Preaching in/and the Borderlands, edited by Charles L. Aaron, Jr. and J. Dwayne Howell, 107–18. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2020.