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You are doing amazing work in the world and your holistic wellbeing is essential.

That is why I want you to be whole and energized.

You want to be your best self at all times. You are in the struggle, working for justice, and you are in it for the long run. But facing the powers of this world is swimming against the current and you get tired. Your love for the world and for humanity is often rewarded with hate, exclusion, shame, and bigotry. On top of all that, you have to walk the tightrope, choosing carefully your words and clothes, hiding a part of yourself so that the community accepts you and you can keep doing the work. Like most superheroes you have a secret identity! Living like this you are outpouring your energy and slowly but surely fragmenting yourself. I can help you put your pieces together again.

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Like you, I contain multitudes of secret identities. The phrase “I contain multitudes” has been with me forever, even though it was not until 2018 that I learned Walt Whitman wrote it in the late 1800s. I contain multitudes but we are not all welcome everywhere I go. I am not talking about being a parent, a sibling, a daughter, an educator, a colleague, an artist, and a minister, all of which I am. I am talking about parts of who I am. I am playful, childlike, joyful, compassionate, empathic, nerdy, passionate, and some other characteristics that do not fit the puritan Christian model that my church tried to teach me or the professional roles that I chose as teacher, lawyer, and minister. I learned to suppress those parts of me and I also learned to nurture all those multitudes in me, to be whole in a world that wants to fragment you.

And now I want to help you reconnect with yourself, with the Divine Wisdom that is in your flesh, with your deepest sense of joy. Through individual coaching, courses, and workshops, I have helped many pastors, church leaders, and faith-based activists to find or create rituals and spiritual disciplines that make their hearts dance again.

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I am an ordained minister of the Word and Sacraments and with a PhD in Religion focused on preaching and worship, I can help you find the soul-nourishing tradition that best fits your personality and lifestyle.

Since 2008, when I started my theological education in the United States of America, I had to quickly learn and practice life-giving rituals so that I could keep myself and my culture alive. Through research and classes, I discovered several spiritual disciplines from monks, nuns, and mystics that go way beyond “read scripture and pray,” practices that honor different ways of being in the world. I also learned their underlying logic, which allows me to adapt and contextualize ancient practices to our rapidly changing postmodern circumstances.

I can help you generate many resurrection moments!

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“Every time we speak, I get really AMPED UP!!!”

– Aly