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Leaders such as you find a restful and vitalizing space as well as new tools in these events.

I am constantly organizing events for you to find joy, new strength, and a space to be yourself.

Online Summer Retreat: Rivers of Life

Let play wash away your burdens and you can feel joyful and rested again.

June 10, 5:40pm – June 11, 5:40pm (CST)

More details coming soon.

Curso en línea: Teología Cuir Feminista

Curso en línea Teología Cuir Feminista: Aprende a hacer teología desde tu sexualidad disidente o género marginalizado.

25 de mayo – 25 de junio, cada sábado
4-6pm hora CDMX

Matrícula $500 pesos mexicanos, $25 usd. Una colaboración entre Teología Sin Vergüenza y Comunidad Espiritual Cuir de Puebla.

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Church Under Water by Wilma Quinonez