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Infiltrated Enemy Territory

Feb 2, 2023

I have infiltrated enemy territory. I didn’t come in disguise, so they know I’m not from here. The neighbors tell me I should dress differently, talk differently, behave differently, be different. In other words, the neighbors want me to become one of them to accept me as a neighbor. But I don’t want to be different from who I am. I don’t want to be like them. I pay a price for being different from them, but it is nothing new in my life because I am also different from the neighbors in the territory where I was born and raised.

In what spaces do you feel you are among enemies? In what spaces do you feel different? In what spaces do they demand you to be someone you are not? What price do you pay to remain you? What do you do to survive? What do you do to protect yourself? What do you do to be happy?

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As minister, doctor of philosophy of religion, and former lawyer, I help justice seekers to rest and heal through playful embodied spiritual disciplines so they can have the sustainable ministry they desire.