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Apr 21, 2022

A long time ago, perhaps in 2007, I had a divine vision: the city of the arts. I saw the possibility of a space where there could be a school, play spaces, a faith community including a theater, a retreat center and a store. The idea was to integrate theological reflection with the theory of multiple intelligences and the arts as a pedagogical strategy. The store would make available make-up, costumes, and accessories so that people who came to this space could perform in their own contexts the new strategies learned in this space. At the time, I did not find a piece of land in Puerto Rico where I could make this dream come true and the following year, life took me to Louisville, Kentucky to work and study, but that is another story.

Time passed. I forgot the dream. The year 2020 came and the dream began to make ruckus inside the drawer where I had left it. The dream reminded me of its existence and told me it was time for it to come true. The dream told me that its purpose is healing. It also told me that I should find another name because “city of the arts for healing” no longer seemed suitable. A couple of months later began the global Covid pandemic. It changed our lives. I found myself in virtual spaces more often and discovered that the tribe I was looking for is scattered around the world. Then I realized that this city of the arts does not need a specific physical space. The dream wanted to become a reality in the virtual world as a space that brings together different people in a network to co-create another possible world that is already on its way. This space today is called

This dream is immense, so it must start with a small step from where I am. The small step is a virtual retreat in the pluriverSofia retreat space. I find myself embedded in the Western Christian tradition with a deep commitment to decolonize Western Christianity and the Christian church, with the understanding that justice begins at home, and with the determination to heal the wounds that the church causes when it becomes complicit with imperial powers, often without realizing it. As an initial soft launch, I am inviting to a virtual retreat people who self-identify as Christians and who feel a commitment to create a world that welcomes many worlds. If you want to continue to improve as …

    • a person who self-examines his or her own Christian tradition to grow in grace, gratitude and divine wisdom
    • an ally in solidarity with excluded and marginalized groups
    • an artist doing theology
    • a person who creates welcoming spaces for otherness of race, class, gender, culture, and physical and cognitive capacities
    • religious leader or activist who needs to rest to avoid burnout
    • a heterosexual person who respects the humanity of gay and queer people even if you do not agree with their “lifestyle”.
    • a man allied with the well-being of women and non-binary and gender-nonconforming people
    • a person interested in the decolonization of the church,

…then pluriverSofia is for you and you should attend the Rivers of Life 2022 virtual retreat to be held June 10-June 11 at Sofia Theme Park. Follow this link for more information or this link to register.

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As minister, doctor of philosophy of religion, and former lawyer, I help justice seekers to rest and heal through playful embodied spiritual disciplines so they can have the sustainable ministry they desire.