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Performing Arts Workshops with Lis Valle

Performing Arts Workshops with Lis ValleParticipants will outline a sermon and develop a skit or monologue as the format to preach. The process includes exploring creation of characters, characterization, and basic acting techniques.

Theatre for Worship

Participants will practice basic acting and speech techniques and apply them to the creation of a worship service. The traditional order of worship and theology of the hosting church will be respected and used as a framework for the embodiment of communal faith expression and openness to God’s voice.

“Lis Valle is an experienced artist. She led a worship service and a workshop at the Worship and the Arts conference at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and brought a lot of creativity into it. She was able to engage the audience and help us think our faith through her medium of theatrical art. It was great to have her at that conference.”
  – Prof. Claudio Carvalhaes

Workshop Rotation Model for Christian Education

Participants will discuss the theory of multiple intelligences, identify their dominant intelligence and generate a lesson plan to engage a biblical text using predominantly that intelligence.

Theatre as a Pedagogical Strategy for Christian Education

Participants will analyze a Sunday school lesson and explore ways to use theatre to teach the lesson. Participants will practice how to help their students act out the biblical story, their need for it, or their response to it.

Interpretive Dance for Liturgy

Participants will reflect on scripture passages, interpret them using their bodies, and thus generate a liturgical dance. The process is rooted in theatre image and explores the use of space, repetition, speed, levels, and positions of the body.

“What I enjoyed most about our time together was the way you helped me embody my emotions in a conscious way and express them through movement instead of just thinking about them and analyzing them. Usually I stay in my head, and the dance we worked on helped ground me in my body, which often receives stress from my mind without me knowing it. Then eventually I experienced new awareness and release.”
  – Alison VanBuskirk Philip, student at Princeton Theological Seminary

Theatre of the oppressed

Participants will practice basic techniques, as developed by Augusto Boal, to break the divide between actors and spectators and engage in dialogue around issues affecting the community. Participants will choose the issues to discuss and perform multiple courses of action to address the issues.

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