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Sermons by Lis Valle

Sermons by Lis Valle 

“It’s Done!”

A message on Jesus as priest according to the book of Hebrews. Preached at the Taiwanese American Fellowship Presbyterian Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey. November 2012.
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“Time to Come Out as Subjects of the King”

Palm Sunday sermon according to Luke where Jesus’ entrance to the city is more like Inauguration Day than the 4th of July.  Preached at the English Ministry (second generation) of the Taiwanese American Fellowship Presbyterian Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey. March 2013.
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First-hand knowledge

(John 20:24-31)
The story of “Doubter Thomas” shows us how God cares about our learning style and reaches out to us in ways we can understand. San Juan Presbtyery Meeting, September 2013.
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These characters can preach. Each one of them brings a unique perspective to the text and a particular way to engage the congregation, through visual art, practicing what we learn from scripture, questioning the biblical text, and exploring it with music and popular wisdom. For sermon samples of these characters go to:
for freedom and unity

Violet Green Lis Valle Transformative TheaterVioleta Rosado/ Violet Green

An artist who reflects on scripture through the lenses of visual art or maybe she appreciates works of art through the lenses of scripture. She does not attend any church but she has a close relationship with God and studies scripture by herself. She has a very up beat personality and speaks very fast but in moments of insights she speaks very slow. She can lead your congregation in an exercise of observing a work of art as a spiritual practice.

Dr Chic Cheeks Lis Valle Transformative TheaterMs. Chic Cheeks

A university professor specialized in “human relationships.” She observes human behavior and is always looking for ways to improve human relationships by providing tools for people to relate to each other. She is ugly-ish but she has a very high self-esteem and very nice posture. A feminine dress, a wrinkled business jacket, and sneakers say a lot about all the women she is. The word “regrettably” is one of her trademarks. She will get your congregation to actually practice the implications of the scripture text for their daily lives.

Joan Cruise Lis Valle Transformative TheaterJoan Cruise

An Emo who recently started college. She likes rock music as much as salsa. She reads biblical texts with suspicion and reaches her own conclusions in a very “down to earth” style. She might errupt into the worship service with loud music playing.
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Dona Isabel Quiros Lis Valle Transformative TheaterDoña Isabel Quirós

She is an old lady from a rural neighborhood in the coast of Puerto Rico. She only studied elementary school but she reads and studies the Bible avidly. She reads a lot of other books and is a self-educated person with simple vocabulary from a country context. She has a son that became a minister of the Word and Sacraments and then obtained a Ph.D. and works as a systematic theology professor in a seminary in the United States. She will bring popular wisdom to the interpretation of scripture.

“With amazing creativity Lis Valle uses different ‘characters’ to bring her message home. Listeners hear the message played out in a non-threatening context facilitating their making appropriate application to their own lives and the lives of those around them.”
– Member of Beechmont Presbyterian Church

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