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ResourcesHere you will find practical tools or resources you may use with your faith community. I have converted what I learned in my classes into writings that you may find helpful to learn more about Scripture and its relation to our current contexts. Feel free to use them, perform them, or to lead small group discussions with them.

I appreciate your feedback and comments. Use this site to share how you use them and how we can make them better.


Advent Collective 

A liturgy of stories from Advent and Christmas intertwined with modern contexts.

Advent Collective

Disruptive Hospitality 

A sermon/play for Maundy Thursday, reflecting on footwashing, John 13:1-17, 31-35 in conversation with Luke 7:36-50.

Disruptive Hospitality

Weaving Memory

A sermon/play based on the Annunciation and the Visitation (Luke 1:26-56).

Weaving Memory

In Memory of Her: A Missing Ritual 

A ritualization of the great love showed by the woman who anointed Jesus.

In Memory of Her

Monologue based on Exodus 1: 11-22 The Struggle of a Hebrew Mother (2010)
You’ve heard the story: Pharaoh ordered the midwives to kill the Hebrew baby boys. You’ve probably seen skits and musicals about Shiphrah and Puah. Here’s the chance to hear the perspective of a “secondary character” of the story. Agape Theater, a group of students from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, who also write and perform, organized a worship service with a series of monologues based on Exodus 2: 8-22.

Here is mine!

Skit based on Isaiah54:2b “y las cortinas de tus habitaciones sean extendidas; no seas escasa

Cortinas (Spanish)

Skit based on Isaiah 54:2a “Ensancha el sitio de tu tienda

Ensancha el sitio (Spanish)

Enjoy it, perform it, and don’t forget to post your feedback. Blessings.


In commemoration of the day that Christopher Columbus arrived for the first time to Las Americas we led this liturgy of resistance at Vanderbilt Divinity School

resistance liturgy

Use it all or parts of it and let us know what worked and what did not.


I am an avid movie watcher and some times I find sermon seeds in movies.

Xpressions from Lis Valle

Bible Studies

Portraits of Jesus: A Five-session Christian Education Series on the Christology of the Gospels and Acts (2010)
Don’t worry, Christology is just a fancy word that refers to the interpretation of the nature, person, and deeds of Christ. Each session presents an introduction to the understanding of Jesus as the Christ according to one book of the New Testament. The series help identify differences and commonalities in the ways people perceived Jesus of Nazareth during his lifetime and shortly afterwards. Hopefully, this study will help us come to our own understandings of who is Jesus for us and to respect different views about him.

Portraits of Jesus

What was helpful for you in Portraits of Jesus? What was challenging?  Share with us how you used it and what were the reactions or results.

Bible Commentary

Letters to Sara Sofía: Honest Reactions to the New Testament (2009)
This is a short booklet that offers a good panoramic introduction to the New Testament. The epistolary approach gives a flexibility that other forms to treat the Bible do not give. This booklet consists of 10 letters to a fictitious character who very well could be you: an avid Scripture reader yearning to go deeper in your study and interpretation of the Bible. Each letter provides basic considerations about the authorship and context of a few books of the New Testament. It is a light reading and I hope you enjoy it.

Letters to Sara Sofia

Please react to Letters to Sara Sofía. What did you find helpful? What was not helpful? Share on what do you agree and on what you don’t. Let’s grow together as we study the New Testament.


Theosophia Podcast, Episode 6.1: My faith journey and development as a theologian is featured in Theosophia Podcast episode 6.1 “Presbyterian Rev. Lis Valle”

Theosophia Podcast, Episode 6.1

Theosophia Podcast, Episode 6.2: My coming out as… is featured in Theosophia Podcast episode 6.2 “Recovering Evangelical Coming Out”

Theosophia Podcast, Episode 6.2

Modern Day Flappers Podcast: How I navigate my call to preach and teach while also being a woman outside of traditional scripts.

Modern Day Flappers Podcast

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